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Top 10 Places to Fly in the World

Gaining your pilot’s licence is just the beginning when it comes to your aviation adventures! Take a look at the list below for our selection of top 10 places to fly in the world. Of course there are so many more places than just those listed below and most pilots have their own lists in the back of their minds too. 

Presented in no particular order and with adventure in mind, read on for our list and hopefully you’ll be inspired to start curating your own aviation bucket list too!

#1 Okanagan, British Columbia

Naturally we chose our local aerial playground to be featured on this list! Aside from the incredible mountain ranges, enormous lakes and vast swathes of forest, the city of Kelowna (where we are based) and its surroundings has lots to offer if you’re paying us a flying visit. From award-winning winery tours to incredible backcountry skiing opportunities, local craft beer and cruises on the huge Okanagan lake, there’s something here for all the family.

Image Source: Air Hart Aviation

#2 Tasmania, Australia

More wineries, glorious landscapes and friendly locals await you in Tasmania, an island off the south east coast of Australia. Whether you’re keen for some hiking adventures in the bush or exploring ancient cave systems, soaking up the sun or heading out for a dive, Tasmania will have something for you.

Image source: Above and Beyond Tasmania

#3 Kauai, Hawai'i

Everybody’s familiar with the volcanic island of Kauai, even if you’ve just seen images and not known its name. The lush valleys with their towering waterfalls and volcanic ridges are a sight to behold and the best way to do this, is of course, by air.

Image Source: Wings Over Kauai

#4 Monument Valley, Utah

The martian terrain of Monument Valley with its sandstone buttes reaching up to a 1,000ft into the sky is a sight not to be missed from the comfort of your plane. Located within the 16 million-acre Navajo Reservation and packed with canyons, natural bridges and vast open plains, there’s plenty to feast your eyes on!

Image Source: American Aviation West

#5 Great Exuma Island, Bahamas

Along with the world famous swimming pigs, Great Exuma Island has plenty to offer the intrepid aviator. From white sand beaches, turquoise blue lagoons and well deserved massages for the weary pilots, the Bahamas are a Caribbean paradise just waiting to be explored from above.

Image Source: Air Facts Journal

#6 Reykjavík, Iceland

If you follow the @volcanopilot on Instagram you’ll likely already be familiar with the breathtaking scenery of Iceland when viewed from above. The river ways and volcanic soil create intricate tapestries across the land of such vibrancy that you have to see it to believe it. He often flies with photographers to better capture the scenes below and thanks to these being shared so widely on social media, it simply had to go on our list!

Image Source: Volcano Pilot

#7 Anchorage, Alaska

Another great pilot to follow on Instagram is @deonmitton who is also a photographer and spends a lot of his time flying around the world. But one of his favourite spots is Alaska, specifically in the vicinity of Anchorage, and after seeing his photos, it’s not hard to see why!

Image Source: Deon Mitton

#8 Great Rift Valley, Kenya

I’m sure most pilots have the fantasy of taking an aviation adventure across Africa to view the magnificent wildlife and scenery from above. Our first choice would be Kenya. To view the Great Rift Valley from above, fly alongside the towering Mount Kilimanjaro and observe the Masaai Mara on their ancestral lands. If you’re lucky you might spot some lions, giraffe or even a wildebeest migration too!

Image Source: Tropic Air Kenya

#9 Tofino, British Columbia

What better way to view breaching whales and hunting orca than from the air! Long stretches of sandy beach and soothing green forests spreading out as far as the eye can see topped with a wildlife safari makes this a top contender when it comes to our aviation bucketlist.

Image Source: Atleo Air

#10 Jurassic Coast, England

The iconic Old Harry Rocks of Dorset nestled within the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site in south west England are well worth a fly by or two! The towering chalk stacks stretching out to sea were a welcome sight of home to the nerve-shot and battle-weary fighter pilots and bomber squadron crews during WWII. 

Image Source: Simon Timbers
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