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How to Become a Private Pilot

Gaining your Private Pilot Licence is usually your first step when it comes to pursuing a life in aviation. Whether that be for the pure joy of flying and being able to travel to see family and friends in your own plane and avoiding the commercial jets. Or because you seek a career in aviation as a commercial pilot. Whatever the reason, gaining your PPL is a good place to start.

A private pilot is trained to operate a small aircraft by themselves and to meet any requirements for navigating through national airspace. You will learn cross-country flight planning, navigation, aircraft maneuvers along with emergency procedures. Here we’ll run through the steps required to achieve your licence.

#1 Are You Eligible?

Before you begin you’ll need to meet the requirements for eligibility as shown here on the Canadian Aviation Regulations website. You’ll need to be at least 17 years of age and be able to understand, read and speak English. It will then be required of you to successfully pass your Category 3 Medical Certificate, complete the flight training and practical flight exam along with a written exam.

#2 Find a Flight School

Choose a flight school nearby or come and stay in Kelowna, British Columbia for a while and learn with us! Be sure to browse the testimonials of a flight school from previous students and arrange an introductory flight to better understand how the school operates and to get to know the instructors. Once you have chosen a flight school, they will help guide you through the rest.

#3 Obtain Your Student Pilot Permit

Before you can fly solo (between 16 – 22 hours approx) you must have obtained a student pilot certificate along with a medical certificate to prove you are airworthy. This will usually happen very early on, often before you even begin flying. 

Before your instructor will allow you to solo you will be required to show proficiency in operating the aircraft, take-offs and landings as well as emergecy procedures.

#4 Continue Your Flight Training

Once you have soloed you’ll have a real feel for how the future of flying will be for you, so exciting! Now you will continue to build your flight experience with solo cross-country flights. You’ll be required to demonstrate mastery of more difficult maneuvers and learn advanced navigation techniques.

You will be required to show proficiency in these areas before your instructor will recommend you for the practical flying exam with a designated examiner (not your instructor).

#5 Take the Practical Exam

To become eligible for your practical exam you’ll need to have gained at least 40 hours of flight time. 20 of which are with an instructor and 10 consist of solo flying time. The 10 hours of solo flight must consist of 5 hours of solo cross-country flying and one cross-country flight that is over 150 nautical miles which includes landings at 3 different airports.

With your instructor you’ll be required to fly at least 3 hours of cross-country training including one cross-country flight that is over 100 nautical miles. You will also be required to complete 3 hours of basic instrument training, 10 take-offs and landings and 3 hours of night flying.

Your exam will be undertaken with a designated examiner and will be in two parts, verbal exam and a practical flight exam. The ground examination is usually completed first followed by the practical flying exam (if the ground exam was successful).

#6 Get Your Licence

Upon successful completion of your verbal and practical examinations your examiner will assist you with the required paperwork to receive your Private Pilot’s Licence. Meanwhile you will be provided with a temporary licence before your real one arrives in the mail. And now the real fun can begin!

From here you can decide whether to continue on to your Commercial Pilot Licence and beyond or simply enjoy the wonders of flight as a hobby. Either way, hour building should be your next focus as the learning never stops and becoming a truly proficient pilot requires a lifetime of flying, which certainly sounds fun to us!

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