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FAA PPL Conversion

Obtaining a Canadian private pilot license is simple if you already have an FAA aviation license. You must pass a Canadian medical exam by a recognized Transport Canada aviation medical examiner for a category 3 medical. You must then pass a written exam on Canadian air law (PSTAR exam), and a Radiotelephone Restricted Operator Certificate exam. You also must meet the following criteria:

Hold an FAA Private License

Be at least 17 years old

Have proof of a minimum of 45 hours total time

The fee for conversion of a Private License is $115.00

This link will help you study for the PSTAR exam: (If link doesn’t work go here-

This link will help you study for the Radiotelephone Restricted Operator Certificate: (If link doesn’t work go here –

If you are planning on training for Canadian CPL with us, you could start training while TC process your PPL conversion by emailing Transport Canada at – to arrange to obtain a Foreign License Validation Certificate (FLVC) – this is a $40.00 fee and will allow you to train in Canada as you start the conversion process. Also note Regardless of which type of conversion, you must also undergo Transport Canada’s Aviation Language Proficiency Test.

FAA CPL Conversion

FAA To convert an FAA license into a Canadian commercial license, you must make the license request, obtain a medical class 1 from a Transport Canada aviation medical examiner and meet the following criteria:

Hold an FAA commercial or ATPL license

Be at least 18 years old

Have proof of 200 hours total time

Pass the 20 question CPL conversion exam with a minimum score of 60%

Before exercising the privileges of the converted license the pilot must meet the recency requirements. No other practical exam (ie. flight test) is necessary.

The fee for conversion of a Commercial License is $150.00

Study material for conversion to a Canadian CPL conversion exam is outlined here:
For more information about license conversion click here:

Step by step commercial conversion:

First — undergo a medical examination with a Canadian Civil Aviation Medical Examiner for a Category 1 medical.

Second — once you receive your Canadian Medical Certificate file number, complete and submit the “Application for Verification and Conversion of an FAA Pilot Certificate form” to your closest Transport Canada Regional Licensing office or the Transport Canada Regional Licensing office of your proposed Canadian destination. The form can be found here:

Next –when Transport receives this application, they will confirm with the FAA details of your US certificate so they can proceed with the application. This process may take up to 90 days.

Lastly – While they are verifying your certificate status with the FAA, you need to prepare for the CPL conversion exam. The examinations are based on Air Law and Procedures and questions are orientated to highlight differences between the US and Canada.

Once you are ready to take the examination, you should schedule an appointment with the Transport Canada regional office to complete the written examination

If you have chosen to do some floatplane training while converting, you will need to apply for the Foreign License Validation Certificate (FLVC): You must email Transport Canada in advance at – to arrange to obtain a FLVC – this is a $40.00 fee and will allow you to train in Canada as you start the conversion process.

Remember, after meeting all requirements, you must apply for aviation booklet – get passport photos to get license booklet. See application form

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