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Follow along as one of our students works through her Private Pilot’s Licence from beginning to end. The blogs provide the ideal insight into our training process and lets you know what to expect if you’re considering becoming an aviator too!

Top Flight Training Myths

Ever since I first knew that I wanted to become a pilot my ambitions were always drowned out by well-intentioned people informing me that “learning to fly is so expensive”, “you need a degree in maths and science” or “you have to buy a plane first”.

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Flying in Formation

As I made my way to the float dock one morning, excited to head out in the Cessna 172 floatplane and explore the Okanagan valley, I saw, tied up and waiting patiently, a dazzling red DHC-2 Beaver floatplane in all its glory.

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Switching from Landplanes to Flying Floats

I tentatively requested a floatplane lesson one day and the Chief Pilot took me up, showing me the ropes of float flying. Whether it was the fact that this flight was a brief escape from my focused learning of the landplane allowing me to loosen up for some fun or that flying floatplanes is ridiculously fun I don’t know. Perhaps a combination of the two. But I was hooked!

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Flying the 1 hour South Okanagan & High Country tour

It was a cool spring day when I was invited along to experience the South Okanagan & High Country tour with Richard, owner of Air Hart. I had arrived early at the downtown docks because I was quite simply too excited to even think about or do anything else other than go for this flight.

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Take-offs, circuits and landings

The most important part of flying, being able to land safely, is finally within reach of my abilities. I never really thought this day would come, but those landings were bumpy enough for me to realise that it was definitely me in control!

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